The Ranch

It's Story

Founded in 1852, James J. Stevinson Corporation served as a cattle ranch supplying beef to miners during the California gold rush. Seven generations later, it has morphed into a diversified farming operation. The Ranch key businesses include dairy, beef cattle, almonds, alfalfa and forge mix. Encompassing a little less than 20,000 acres, The Ranch is one of the valley's most viable  farming operations today.  

Owned and operated by The Kelley Family, (James J. Stevinson seventh generation great-grand kids), The Ranch has taken on some new and interesting projects over the past decade, some possibly ahead of their time. In 1997, one of the Kelley family members, interested in wing shooting and hunting, started the Stevinson  Sportsman Club, a private hunting preserve.  At a little under 2,000 acres, the preserve was for friends and family to enjoy one of America's oldest pastimes in the great outdoors.   In time, the club evolved and became public, offering new and exciting shotgunning games - Sporting Clays, Skeet, and Trap.

In 2004, the Kelley family focused on their farming operation, realized in order to keep the club going they would need to turn the reigns over to someone younger with ambition and knowledge of the business. Mike Tupper and wife Linda  took on the challenge and Rooster Ranch was born. Around 2012,  the Tuppers were joined by Mike's brother Dave and his wife Sandy  to help with the club. As time passes, we all become older and start thinking of retirement. Now in their golden years, the Tupper family 

is positioning themselves to be able to enjoy this time, while knowing the club and their legacy will go on.

At Lambo's Outdoor Adventures we are excited to have the opportunity to become part of this club's history and carry on the tradition. Over the next few years, we will be working with Dave and Sandy Tupper to transition and make the club into a world class venue   hosting nationally recognized Sporting Clay competitions and much, much more. Over the next few months our plans include upgrades to the target machines and electronics (Promatic), along with a new  course design, landscaping, retail store, and accommodations for those wanting to stay on site.  Our future plans also include a chuck wagon that will serve breakfast and lunch (dinner on special requests). We look forward to serving you and making your experience at The Ranch an adventure you won't forget!